Discover a resplendent collection of pillows adorned with intricate and traditional Indian hand embroidery on luxurious khadi silks and cotton. Our Handicraft collection is a true reflection of rich cultural heritage and the epitome of supreme craftsmanship.



Our Impressions collection celebrates minimal prints that are brought to life through traditional techniques. Our custom motifs are hand carved on wood and block-printed on khadi (hand-woven) cotton in India. Each pillow is crafted with care, from start to finish, and is an artisan’s tribute to his folk art. 



Inspired by modern geometric patterns and shapes, our Medley collection will add a playful punch to any decor. Carefully selected fabrics, prints, and hues are artfully twisted and combined using clean lines and sharp angles to create a cheerful ensemble.



Complement any arrangement with our Integral collection. Designed with deep, rich hues, smooth fabrics, and versatile shapes, this collection will highlight the best in every ensemble – traditional or modern.   


Founders + sisters Rushika and Ayushi, established the Holos for home product line to celebrate their distinctive background. Just as one’s life experiences, travels, & culture shapes their unique identity, we have designed these products in-house through our creative process to honor this uniqueness inherent in all beings; because we believe that when you embrace your uniqueness, others will embrace you for it.

R+A have sourced beautiful sought-after fabrics, motifs, and superior craftsmanship from their culturally vibrant hometown of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and worked them into creating playful geometric shapes and patterns inspired by their architectural and geographically-diverse background rooted in India, East Africa, and The States.

The unique collections curated by Holos for home, exemplify the migration toward a more playful yet modern aesthetic infused with sentimental reflections of cultural influences. Our approachable and versatile designs catalyze self-expression in interior design with rare attention to shape, texture, color, and ornamentation. 

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