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Founders + sisters Rushika and Ayushi, established the Hólos for home product line to celebrate their distinctive background. Just as one’s life experiences, travels, & culture shapes their unique identity, we have designed these products in-house through our creative process to honor this uniqueness inherent in all beings; because we believe that when you embrace your uniqueness, others will embrace you for it.

R+A have sourced beautiful sought-after fabrics, motifs, and superior craftsmanship from their culturally vibrant hometown of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and worked them into creating playful geometric shapes and patterns inspired by their architectural and geographically-diverse background rooted in India, East Africa, and The States.

The unique collections curated by Hólos for home, exemplify the migration toward a more playful yet modern aesthetic infused with sentimental reflections of cultural influences. Our approachable and versatile designs catalyze self-expression in interior design with rare attention to shape, texture, color, and ornamentation. 



A licensed architect with a B. Arch degree from the University of Tennessee, School of Architecture + Design. Rushika is a nostalgic creative who warmly embraces her past and present influences, and melds them into distinct designs that evoke a sense of familiarity and newness alike.

She has the zeal to dive into all fields of design, and in her free time can be found traveling in search of new cityscapes and architecture, eager to engage in diverse cultures, and immerse in grand vistas where she enjoys embarking on scenic hikes and pursuing photography. 


A double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Ayushi is an artist at heart with an engineer’s brain. Although having pursued the technical route in life, Ayushi’s hand and heart have always preferred the touch of a paintbrush over a keyboard.

Calm and composed, her expertise in the technical realm and versatility to excel in all that she pursues, have proven to be a boon for our online business. When she’s is not juggling a hundred distinct tasks, she enjoys spending time with her husband, decorating their first house together.


Courtesy: our friend, Prachi C.

Untamed greenery, gushing waters, bountiful bulging produce, soil red as brick, as if scorched by the equatorial sun, grinning women garbed in Gomesis bantering with boda-boda men under the tree shade, as their giggling babies, scooped up onto backs secured with a piece of cloth, twirl on.

Quiet afternoon naps stolen under the shade of a colossal mango tree, chirping birds on sky-high pines, ethereal butterflies fluttering endlessly, slow-paced evenings spent strolling town streets infused with the essence of roadside roasted maize and echoes of children racing toys made from scraps and twines, are a way of life here.

An unforgettable childhood spent in a place where time wasn’t gulped down in a race to ascend, but rather, savored until the flavor of each moment dissolved on the palette of memory.

From the lush green banks of the river Nile to the hospitable decadent lanes of emperor Ahmed’s walled city along the banks of the Sabarmati. Our childhood was spent jetting back and forth between the pearl of Africa and Ahmedabad.

Smoking rickshaws, howling cart vendors, courtyard tulsi, alley dogs, a sky full of kites, wandering cows, temples at every corner, aunties draped in sarees, countless cups of chai, it was like nothing we had ever seen before.

Hand-in-hand with our first-generation immigrant parents, eager to inject sentimental affection for the motherland into our unapologetically Ugandan soul, we were tugged through magnanimously adorned mandirs swarming with relentless devotees, squeezed through tiny “gullies” brimming with vendors selling exquisite silk brocade sarees, walked past aromatic sweet confectioners selling mithai oozing with ghee and slathered in cardamom, paraded in front of long-lost aunties with tightly braided hair slickened back with amla oil, and bent to touch the feet of our grandparents who gladly bestowed blessings upon their videsi mother-tongue-speaking grandchildren. 

Such a bipartite childhood was met with a modern & western-influenced teenage, ultimately molding us into citizens of the globe. We were, and continue to remain, products of the cultural amalgamation of many distinct realms, eager to celebrate and share our rich heritage.

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